Author Topic: A short overview of my furnace - for prosperity.  (Read 1785 times)

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A short overview of my furnace - for prosperity.
« on: October 10, 2015, 05:31:05 PM »
So i started to make a new oven, out of an old propane tank

And i let it cure next to a 1500W fan for a week. when i took out the form pipe, i actully left the outmost layer of the paper still in the oven, just cut the parts sticking up..
Why you might ask, because when i started the heat curing. First with propane for 2 hours, i wanted something that didnt burn up to easy holding the furnace cement in place.
And it worked out as intended..

It came out like this. This is after i ran it first up to 600-700C for 1 hour, then cycled in the diesel fuel to my WVO burner and pushed it up to 1300C. The Caldesys Caldecast F60 mass i used fuses when its properly heated through (should get red) and leaves a fine white finish. The parts of the concrete that was improperly mixed (cuz i did it by hand) would crubmle out and fall down. So i need to repair some parts of the heat wall.. Which i do with Sodium silicate mixed with Aluminium Oxide or Kaolin powder.

The burner i made is a nozzle typ conraption made out of some pex couplins, air fittings and a drilled out bolt threaded into a 10mm tube.. nothing special, it feeds about 200-250ml/min of diesel or about 150ml/min of waste vegetable oil. I dont use a fan or something, because i have a 1000l/min screw compressor behind it.

This is the burner, experimentation and run in, i attempted to melt down a large mass of aluminium - did not end up as planned and now i have a large chunk needed to be cut into pieces.. *wiih*
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