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Here is my version of home made multi targets. IN a past life I painted signage and banners, along with building magic and props and FX for shows clowns and magicians. Which in a practical world means that I ended up with an excess amount of half full or less of paint spray cans and other wise. Along with large sheets of a heavy weight paper and rolls of brown and white paper. Since I'm dealing with sorting out and disposing of my parents belongings. Wife and I decided to lighten the load of stuff we have a culminated.
Since the local indoor range I'm a member has changed their policy on no more cardboard targets, I decided to use up the left over stuff.
Made up two stencils from manila folder stock, One from a coffee can lid about 6"plus dia and another around 3 3/4" lid. Spray painted them on the paper for a background color to place the dots on.

You will have to wipe the excess paint off the stencils each time if the build up is heavy, and the reverse after a number of dots when it starts to bleed under.
I use two different colors per sheet

I then let them dry

When I'm finished with the stack, I apply the dots. I went thru the shooting spares/junk box and pulled out all C-N-C and self stickies and used them up.

After this batch I went to amazon to find some target spots on rolls in different sizes.

I picked out 3 different sizes The target ones you get one roll free when you buy one. Since it isn't clear how many on each roll I will post when they get here tomorrow. with the guarantee and the free bees sure beats the big box sporting goods joints.

Wish I had access to an indoor 100 yard range, nothing round here except 10M.


--- Quote from: Jonny on March 28, 2016, 02:04:14 PM ---Wish I had access to an indoor 100 yard range, nothing round here except 10M.

--- End quote ---
The range is about 45 feet, 6 lane. But on the plus side it is less than 10 minutes from my house. I can shoot everything I own including the D.E..50 and the .50 Beowulf AR15
Well gotta luv Amazon and Prime the sticker targets made it this afternoon. and here is some I made playing around with the assorted sized paper I have left.
I also had some help with felines hold the sheets down you know how windy it gets in the dinning rooms.

The rolls of target stickers, the deal is you get a total of 200 4" two rolls of 100, 250 of 3" two rolls of 125. with the buy one get one free deal currently on Amazon.

An assortment of made up targets

200 Mega-Pack 4-Inch Target Stickers | Buy 1 Roll & Get 1 Free - NEON ORANGE Self-Adhesive Targets… $14.95
250 Mega-Pack 3" Target Stickers | NEON Self Adhesive Targets for Shooting | Buy 1 Roll & Get 1 Free… $14.95
Hot Pink Color Coding Dot Labels 2" Inch Round - 500 Colored Circle Stickers Per Roll
These are Amazon with the prime.

I am very satisfied with the products.

It looks like they're well-stuck down to the backing.  Good thing too - don't want any MOVING TARGETS! :palm:

After making the targets, I still had a problem with carrying them in the explorer, so I made a tube carrier up

went to the local big box store looking for the cardboard/sono tubes concrete forms they didn't have the dia I wanted but they were  a lot more for the length then I remembered. So I hit the plumbing dept, as I remembered that Menards had 2 foot sections of PVC sewer pipe. well it was cheaper than the form tubes.

I had the GooP adhesive and hunted up a couple of old coffee can plastic jar lids, I GooP one to one end. and will use another as a lid now I can put stuff in the back end with out damaging the paper targets.


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