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Ikea led "machine light" - my take

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Another small project completed a while back.  We happened to visit Ikea near Vancouver - we don't have one locally - and I picked up three of these lights.  Two black for the shop and one for my wife - she liked the gaudy version :bugeye:

I often use wood (in this case birch ply - I have lots of scraps) because it's easy to machine with my woodworking tools.  In this case it works as well or better than metal so that's what I used.

This one has 4 1/2 in. rare earth magnets imbedded into the base.

This one has 3 1/2 in. magnets imbedded into the base.  I drilled a slightly undersized hole and pressed them in with the vise - so far no problems with them coming out.  This light is for my small mill and grips the metal plate on the wall very well.  The taig mill does not have a lot of steel available so this was my option.

This was a very short project but the two lights work very well and are easily portable.  If there is no steel machinery within reach I can always use a small plate of steel to place them in other areas of the shop.


I have two of the same lights mounted either side of my Bridgeport quill. I mounted the goose necks onto brackets. Good light but the necks tend to be slightly too floppy. I have another mounted on the headstock of my lathe

good idea that. Think I'll try the Leeds branch as it's a bit closer but if you'de only mentioned it before we went to Victoria last month we could have got a few! :headbang:

What a wonderful place Canada is... :beer:

regards Ian

Andrew - I also find them a bit floppy particularly if used on the wall mount.  When mounted on the horizontal they work pretty well.

I figure that a "ghetto" fix would be to tape a piece of solid #12 copper wire to the flexible part or do the same with some Lok-line.  So far I haven't had to do that.  In order to make it "elegant" one could use black tape :bugeye:

Ian - glad to hear you enjoyed Canada.


As mentioned by Andrew to neck on these lights can be a bit floppy.  The horizontal mount one is ok but the one mounted on the wall near my mill does flop a bit.

I obtained a short scrap of #10 house wire today and stripped off the outside insulation to give me one black insulated, one white insulated and one bare ground wire.  In the next little while I will tape one of these onto the flex part of the light and see how it works.  I don't think I can use shrink wrap but will keep that in mind.  Pictures once it is done.



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