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Sneaky trick to remove thread..

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John Hill:
I needed to take the thread off the ends of some threaded rods that were too long for my lathe.  I wanted to put 'ends' on the rods so that I could mount in bearings for my router table project..

This was a test piece whereas the rods I am using are 2 metres long and I need to do each end.  This rattled a bit due to the loose fit of the hardware store nuts but I will be getting nylock nuts while I do the work pieces which I hope will dampen the rattle and get a little better finish.

Not perfect but maybe close enough!


Did you let the allthread to do "autofeed" :lol:


Modify the nuts by cutting through in one place, and a shallow cut opposite that. You'll get a wonderful grip without damaging the threads.  You can tap a longer piece and do the same thing for lathe work, but concentricity may not be perfect.

John - I did something similar years ago to get beneath/remove the hardened threads on the end of a ballscrew. Not wanting to get grinding debris on the mill or lathe, I anchored an XY compound vice alongside a bench grinder and clamped the nut in the vice. Infeed towards the wheel was via the compound table, traverse and covering the circumference was via a cordless drill on the other end of the ballscrew.


John Hill:
Yes, I turned the rod through the nuts to feed the cut.


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