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« on: January 03, 2010, 06:08:05 AM »
Happy New Year To All

Hi once again first post of the new year and all that stuff  i have just been digging my way to the back of my storage shed and dug out this bit of sheet metal some say it was stainless steel but i always had a thought it was something very different so i took a note of it's markings and did a bit of research on the web and found out it was Titanium made to Rolls-Royce specification and looking at the rare metals for sale advert on homeworkshop it could be worth quite a bit more than i thought it was dimensions are 2000mm long 158mm wide 1.2mm thick i shall now have to ponder what to do with it probably sell it and put the procceeds to the mill fund.

Cheers Paul

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Re: Titanium
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And just think many people collect just gold. That's got to be worth more than gold?

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Re: Titanium
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Nice to weld cut it with a grinder try drilling a hole in the stuff