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Enameling Principles and Practice
« on: September 06, 2008, 06:35:41 AM »
Enameling Principles and Practice
by Kenneth F Bates
The World Publishing Co.

another of the earlier books with a solid color cover and on the title on the spine.

One of the grandaddy of the how to do it books in the enamel field. It is as good today as it was in the good old days.Other than being aware of the fact that this was in the day before the danger of some materials were fully realized and modern substitutions will have to be done, for some materials.
It is filled with line drawings, charts B&W photos, along with some color plates that spread out through the book in the sections that they are about.


    * A brief history of enameling
    * How enamels are compounded and enameling tools and materials
    * Making the first piece of enamel
    * Testing the colors,the use of metal foils and the individual palette
    * Characteristics of certain enamels
    * Making Limoges enamels
    * Making Cloisonné enamels by the older technique and modern version
    * Making Champlevé,Plique-á-jour,Basse-taille and other types of enamels
    * Design for enameling and understanding and feeling for the medium of enameling
    * Experiments,suggestions for new uses of enamel and earning a living by enameling


And the list of Illustrations is done by the chapter and page they are on for easy reference.

It does have some small amount of metal content in regards to using stakes and hammers to shape the copper blanks prior to enameling spread through out the book.
This is another was in most libraries, before the newer glossy high tech trade paperback ones they seem to prefer today so it does come up for sale at the library book sales. It also seems to be turning up more used as the original owners pass from the scene.
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