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Pocket PCRef
« on: September 08, 2008, 07:01:37 AM »
Pocket PCRef
by Thomas J Glover and Millie M Young
Sequoia Publishing
copyright 1999 9th edition
Small format pocket paperback.
The usual disclaimer or notice applies. That you should make sure, you have the latest edition or copyright year. As with all computers and electronics, it changes so fast. It should be in the higher double digits edition by now.



    * ASCII and numbers
    * PC hardware, standards, error codes,scan codes and paper sizes
    * Modems,standards UARTS, Hayes command set
    * MSDOS commands
    * Windows keyboard shortcuts
    * Hard drive specifications, types and manufactures directory
    * CD-ROM Drives specifications, sytax and notes,manufactures directory
    * PC industry phone book, probably the most important part

PC industry phone book, probably the most important part, it's pretty bad when you can't find the company that made your computer part or software on the web when looking for updates.

Again here is one place that always seems to have it.
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