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« on: February 13, 2012, 09:25:15 AM »
 :wave: Hi mechman48 back
Well I finally got myself a granite surface plate  :clap: I paid a call to a local kitchen worktop supplier & explained what I was after & if I could purchase a dirt cheap piece of polished granite; the guy went off & came back with a super piece of black granite, 17"x 20"x1". it was a scrap piece cutout  from a worktop, I asked what he wanted for it, he said it was out of the scrap bin anyway & he's only too pleased to get rid of it  :thumbup: needless to say I was chuffed.

It did have the cutout holes in two corners but with it being a freebie who cares  :headbang: on the way home I noticed a builder just up the road from me in the process of building a bungalow & one of his guys was using using a stihl saw on the block paving.. :scratch: being on a roll I asked if the guy could trim it for me, probs! I hurriedly marked off the piece to what I considered a decent size..a quick cut with his saw & voila! a piece of polished granite 17"x18"x1". thanks to the builder gave him the price of a pint  :beer:

Follow up - Having just recently received a digital DTI from Honk Kong(A damn site cheaper than UK prices & just as good quality) I did a flatness check on it, measuring from corner to corner..boy was I pleased, it measured virtually all over as 0.000" apart from two points which were 0.0005" & 0.001"low respectively & these were toward the outer edges anyway, I could confidently say this piece was 'flat', for anyones needs in model emgineering.I have att. pictures & drawing showing measurment process

The following show selection (4) digi readouts (Took 13 readings all told) the low spots:

Have also got a belated crimbo pressie - more storage for my workshop setup, expensive but what the heck  get what you can afford I say  :clap:
(Of course with permission of SWMBO  :bow:) just the roller toolchest, already had the other stuff.

Well madmodders that's my update so far, will keep you posted on garage / workshop conversion (as suggested by SWMBO)  :bugeye:

 :nrocks: :nrocks:

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Re: Workshop
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That looks like a super nice piece of counter top that you have there and you can't beat that price. Getting the chap to cut it down just proves something else. If you don't ask something of someone they can't say no ....or YES. You have to give them the opportunity to say YES because until you do the result is the same as no.

I have found many times over the years that I would ask someone something expecting a negative response but instead got a positive response like bring your truck around back and I'll help you load it up. I just want to get rid of it.  :D :D

Cheers  :beer:

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