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He can be taught
« on: February 06, 2009, 06:19:43 PM »
Wanted to thank the guys here... I HAVE been listening.

Today I picked up a set of Parallels!!!

Yes I joined the bronze age, and got modern!

No more taking scraps of steel and hoping they are parallel when putting them under things in the vise!

I also got a couple of MT2 Tapers for the projects in the works.

One is MT2 To JT6... I figure that is stout enough I may use it for my Tapping endeavors. Since it was $3.00 US.
(They dont have a pic for it)

I also got a MT2-5/8-16 arbor... that I may end up using in the Peck Drill.

OH and a Mag base for the Camera Mount!


Once again.. thank you for all the tutorials.. it truly helps.
Two main tools to get so I can increase base functionality... Machinist Squares, and one of those dial indicators with the J curve tip....

I have a Starret square.. but its more of a carpenter one in that it slides.. and is I think 16". Has a bubble level as well.
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