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Project Logs / Re: Sheet Metal Brake and 3d Printer.
« Last post by S. Heslop on Today at 04:59:14 PM »

Was dreading this since I kinda knew it'd be the fiddliest part of this. What I neglected to consider though is that loaded with wires those chains weren't going to flex as easily. Especially since I got shielded cable! Had to fiddle with the Y axis chain to drop it down a bit, but now I need to add a couple more segments to get the full Y travel. Also lost about 20mm of Z height.

Still gotta extend the Z axis stepper motor cables and add a few end connectors. Should hopefully have it running tomorrow. I think I said that a couple days ago...
Well progress   :thumbup:

Sometimes things are far simpler than you think, I've just been given a tip by a chap on the Siemens Forum that to see the other segments PRESS THE PAGE DOWN BUTTON   :clap: :clap: :clap:

. . . .  :doh: :doh:

If I get time tomorrow I'll experiment and see what I can see and post progress, for now I've just popped out to the workshop to prove the theory and it works - lots of segments.
Tools / Re: Face mill Cutter Indexable advice
« Last post by velocette on Today at 02:09:10 PM »
Hi Buell
My X2 Mill has a 1.25 hp motor and belt drive fitted and drives a 50 mm facing cutter with HSS inserts quite well with light cuts.
One improvement that helps no end with a Facing Cutter is to fit an AMP Meter to the power leads. Adjust the depth cut to read less than the motor power.
Photos of Facing Cutter and setup jig fitted with the lock bolt removed.

How do I?? / Re: Sizing Dro Scales on Sieg sx2 Plus
« Last post by Buell on Today at 12:44:11 PM »
Thanks for that think this is going toward a simple Dro set of individual readouts and a stepper to drive the x axis to save my shoulder and cranking..maybe in the future if I get to grips with the Stepper and controls I will convert to Cnc..But i don't think thats me at the moment, as there are just to many things to learn let alone build !
How do I?? / Re: Sizing Dro Scales on Sieg sx2 Plus
« Last post by WeldingRod on Today at 09:32:14 AM »
Four drawbacks: it doesnt read the backlask, the screw error, manual motion, or lost steps right.  If you fitted one with an encoder, you could take out the last two problems for a small outlay.
There are cheap quadrature counter modules out there, in regular, waterproof, and instrinsically safe (not going to cause an explosion).  I've used all three for regular and backup depth readouts on machines from 10 to 160,000 pounds.

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Tools / Re: Face mill Cutter Indexable advice
« Last post by Buell on Today at 08:24:12 AM »
Im more concerned with the size if it can handle a 50m cutter in any shape or form ? anyone got one fitted to a small mill ?
How do I?? / Re: Sizing Dro Scales on Sieg sx2 Plus
« Last post by Buell on Today at 08:21:20 AM »
So im told in theory I could make a Power feed with a stepper motor thus creating a Dro ? So im looking into that now as this seems a double hit it i can use it manually sometime as-well in some config.
Project Logs / Re: Mini mill Stand SX2 Plus
« Last post by Buell on Today at 08:18:12 AM »
Only concern is if I want to drill and tap any holes in the future ! Masonry bits at the ready!!
Russ that's a good suggestion but one I've failed to accomplish  :palm:

The original file that it seems to be writing to was named "820T@@ST.S5D" - (I say seems to be writing to, my only real clue is the date and time stamps on the files).

I've downloaded it to my desktop PC (remember that STEP5 is running on a Toughbook CF-52 under Win XP) and had a look using 'Hex Editor Neo' which lets me display in plain ascii text, hexadecimal or binary. Sure there are areas where a bit of recognisable text appears but the overall structure is still not clear (to me at least)

I've renamed it as a 'TXT' file so that I can attach it to this post - maybe others will have more success than I  :scratch:
Can you open the files out of step5 - notepad++ maybe - and compare the contents, at least for size?


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