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CNC / Re: Cetus3D 3D Printer
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 12:51:40 PM »
Pekka, I built a desktop specifically for Fusion - although it's video performance is a bit slow according to Autodesk. It's based on a Dell Optiplex 7010 ultra small form factor base unit that I put a fairly fast SSD in and upped the ram to 8 Gb. It's an i3-3220 running at 3.3 Ghz with 2 cores and 4 logical processors. (The video is on board). It's running Windows 7 64 bit
Project Logs / Re: New Tractor Shed
« Last post by Pete. on Today at 12:50:04 PM »
1300kg of concrete in those boxes. On site they would be framed by 3 rows of 4x2 on the outside, top, middle and bottom. Also need fixing down.
Project Logs / Re: New Tractor Shed
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 12:45:08 PM »
Yes Matthew that had occurred to me as there will be lots of spreading force  :bugeye:
Project Logs / Re: New Tractor Shed
« Last post by mattinker on Today at 07:46:23 AM »
Andrew, do you have a pallet banding set up? It might be a good idea to band top middle and bottom to reinforce!

Cheers, Matthew.
Project Logs / Re: New Tractor Shed
« Last post by Spurry on Today at 07:45:53 AM »
Do you not have to account for the retaining bolts when you pour the feet? Or will they just be drilled afterwards. Perhaps you have a bit better ground than we had, as our cubes had to be 1m sided.
CNC / Re: Cetus3D 3D Printer
« Last post by PekkaNF on Today at 07:28:05 AM »
... it was a Autodesk Fusion 360 learning exercise for me....

You got new laptop?

My old laptop is a bit marginal to Fusion, there is one local shop that sells used used business laptops. They promised to message in few days if they have anything suitable under 400. Free cad does not turn out free.

Project Logs / Re: New Tractor Shed
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 07:12:45 AM »
Well at last just a tiny weenie little bit of progress. Final absolute location now fixed - we've moved it a bit over to the south and squared it up to the yard, as although this reduces the little patch of grass to something approaching zero, it means importing far less infill.

Net result is that of the eleven RSJ uprights comprising the frame, nine will sit on concrete pads poured into excavated holes, and two will sit on concrete pads poured in form work and sitting on the remains of the original base of the tank. So for these last two I've made a pair of 750 mm square by 1 metre deep shuttering boxes. When they've been filled and the concrete set, the form work will be removed and the resulting concrete blocks will be buried in hardcore.

(The other nine pads will be the same 1 metre deep by 750 square, but poured into excavated holes)
« Last post by mechman48 on Today at 06:20:04 AM »
Nicely done; another useful 'to have ' item,used to teach apprentices with this as one of their NVQ2 early stage projects. made one myself when I was apprentice but as with other stuff made, got lost with the sands of time.   :clap:
CNC / Re: Cetus3D 3D Printer
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 05:16:26 AM »
The Cetus3D has an inherent problem, in that when the power is turned off, the Z axis rail having little friction allows the Y motor and assembly to come crashing down onto the bed if you don't remember to hold it  :bugeye:

Several people have devised different solutions but I decided to use one based on a counter balance reel sping as it seemed a neat idea. No point in re-inventing the wheel so I ordered a kit.

As promised today Steve the Post Man brought the Z Balancer modification kit. This is a  kit put together by an enterprising user in the USA who solved the problem on his Cetus3D by finding a suitably small coiled wire spring balancer (rated at 2 lbs) to just give the assembly neutral buoyancy  and drawing up and printing some bits to allow it to fit on the upright extrusion and take the weight of the Y axis and motor in the Z plane.

Fitting was pretty straight forward - slightly unnerving screwing self tapping screws into the printed bit of the Cetus, but all went well (apart from the inevitable disappearing screw  :bang:)

Works well and to prove that it doesn't inhibit anything else the machine is currently churning out another box  :thumbup:
Project Logs / Re: Stuart S50 stationary engine.
« Last post by SwarfnStuff on Today at 02:15:54 AM »
Oh, this is looking gooderer and gooderer. Thanks for posting Mechman.

John B
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