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New from Old / Re: Rebuilding A Grotty Chicken Shed
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 07:51:03 AM »
So this morning, early doors, I glazed the windows, re-fitted the external dusk to dawn sensor, sorted out the internal fluorescent light, it's switch and a twin 13A outlet, and handed the shed back to the customer  -  ( SWMBO ) - finished at last  :thumbup:

. . . .  and I never want to see another chicken shed in my lifetime  :bugeye:

Electronics & IC Programing / Re: Which lathe (err... Scope) Rigol
« Last post by PekkaNF on Today at 04:21:15 AM »

Couple times of the year Rigol offers Option Bundle for free. Now I don't see on this model on this shop. Pretty sure it is on sale somewhere.

Did some more Spesification and Review trawling and looks like entry scope market is such, that Keithley/Tektronix really don't want to sell for people that buy with their own money and pay real price. Pretty sure they are competive for institutions and big companies...Just checked Tektronix TBS1000B Series, 2 Channel, 100 MHz, 2 GSPS

Display Memory Depth:    2.5 kpts - you have to be kidding!

In principle I like simple no-nonsense scope that does basic thing well and does only that, but honestly: it should have least semidecent analog front end, least 50 ohm option and 3 Ch (usefull at encoder stuff and serial signals) or 2+1 Ch configuration with advanced triggering to convince me to reach for wallet. But I understand really big corporatios have to slap on those products 50% overhead and therefore very little in the budget is allocated on basic engineering of basic units.

I understand that for students to many options might be intimidating, but "home/basic" button would do that. I liked single button "store" function to pen drive, but then I read that it is not as straightforwars as seen on TV.

Andrew, you are correct, lead mixture used to auto body shaping is "poridge" at the proper temperature and can be moved around with a wooden spatula at relative ease.

My brother had a Mercury Comet, we called it "lead sled" because all the lead that was at the rear end fairings...

PK, I assume you refer 60/40 (eutectic point for tin/lead is 63/37) solder? I think I need to make a trip to shop and check it.....I don't want any antimony or other such a stuff in the mix.

Electronics & IC Programing / Re: Which lathe (err... Scope) Rigol
« Last post by Bluechip on Today at 02:22:25 AM »
Hi Pekka

I'll have a go at it later on for you.

Not sure what you think the S/W options are included. Click the 'Accessories' tab, you will see the bundle I got chucked in for free on  mine at the top.

Serial decode, 56Mpts etc. etc.

You need to check  :thumbup:

Mine:  Click accessories tab

We just buy bar solder. It's fairly easy to get, and the leaded stuff is cheap.
Electronics & IC Programing / Re: Which lathe (err... Scope) Rigol
« Last post by PekkaNF on April 24, 2018, 04:39:27 PM »
Thank you Dave,

Looks like Rigol has now everywhere same price and same offer for all SW extras for free. Very good thing.

I am very tempted to go for Rigol DS2102E 100MHz 2CH

Based on all the information I have it offers clear improvement on my current scope.

Can you measure your scope input noise? I'm interested noise figure un terminated and terminated with blank cap or 50 Ω terminator. I'm particularry interested about 50 Ω input noise.

I checked my scope (DS1052E) one input at the time input BNC open and then blanked with 50 ohm terminator. Noise figure was pretty good, constant and low. My scope does not go down from 2 mv/div and there noise looks pretty good.

Your 30/70 was presumably intended for 'lead loading' ie repairing and fairing body panels.

The lead loading 'solder' I've used  (*)exhibited a far longer pasty state - ie not liquid and yet not solid. 60/40 has a resonable pasty state whereas the 'lead free' solders seem to go straight from liquid to solid with very little time in the pasty state.

(* back in the early 1970's fairing panels on my brothers 1947 MG TC )
Electronics & IC Programing / Re: Which lathe (err... Scope) Rigol
« Last post by Bluechip on April 24, 2018, 03:49:06 PM »

Possibly is true, happened to me. D
Don't know whether the OS went south or the h/ware did but my Siglent SDS1102CML packed up on me after 8 months. Ch1 steadfastly refused to trigger but Ch2 was OK.
Refunded by Amazon without argument  :thumbup:

As Rigol UK were having an offer on ( all the add ons free and a discount  thrown in as well  :clap: )  just before last Xmas so I dived in.

Now have a DS2072A which is a lot better ...  so far ...

The Water Cooler / Doncaster 2018
« Last post by howsitwork? on April 24, 2018, 03:14:27 PM »
Well as an incompetent colleague has cocked up again it seems I canít go Friday but might be able to attend on Thursday and Sunday currently.  :doh:

Anyone else going  or shall I just mention the event afterwards???

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