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Software Tools / Re: Colin Usher's Model Engineering Utilities.
« Last post by Arnak on May 24, 2017, 08:50:02 AM »

Try this link for how to run in compatibility mode to see if that helps.

CNC / Re: DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller
« Last post by PPRINT on May 24, 2017, 08:35:57 AM »
Andy, I had some time before work this morning and ran your code on my machine.  Just like in your example, the control shows some crazy numbers.  I did not capture if the motions are are correct even if the control is not.

I took out the G64 and it appeared to run the same.

I took out the G20 and it ran fine in metric mode.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say to forget about getting the control to run in inch mode via the G20.

That being said, I saw on another forum where a person fooled the control into thinking it was in inch mode by multiplying his pulses/per mm by 25.4.  This means the control will put out 25.4 times the number of pulses necessary...which will in effect make the machine make movements in the inch realm.  The down side is that the machine is now only able to accept 3 decimal place inputs (.001).  For this to work correctly I would guess the post processor would need to be adjust to output 3 decimal places to ensure the rounding happens outside of the control.  Not sure if that is a requirement, but I know it will work correctly.

The G64.  I am torn by that command.  I have not used it much in my 30 year programming career, but that does not mean anything tangible.  I might be missing out on something great.  I am going to review my FANUC manuals at work today and see how to correctly use it and test it at home on this control.  I'm fairly certain one would not see any measurable effect on a home built machine unless they are machining at very high feed rates and trying to hold a corner definition. I'm very realistic with my application and I can say without a shadow of a doubt my machine is the weak link in holding tight corners at high speed. 

CNC / Re: DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller
« Last post by rowbare on May 24, 2017, 08:21:34 AM »
Since you are just switching over, have you set up your steps per inch properly? What are the results like when you are jogging? i.e. if you jog an inch on the DROS are you moving an inch?

CNC / Re: Cetus3D 3D Printer
« Last post by PekkaNF on May 24, 2017, 05:34:15 AM »
Thank you, that sounds like pretty good machine. How well it works?

I was offered a second hand business laptop for 450 EUR. New ones are about the same price, but bit smaller SSD and W10 Home or W7.

HP 250 G5 i3-5005U 15.6inch HD SVA AG 8GB(1x8GB) 256GB SSD DVDRW UMA NO WWAN W10PRO64

2 GHz, 8GB, not that sure about graphics "card" Intel HD Graphics 5500....

Sounds to me slow and expensive.

Desktop probably would come out cheaper vs. performance, but it needs more desk space, monitor, etc. and I could not retire it to my daughter if I loose interest or autodesk will jack up the price.

CNC / Re: DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller
« Last post by aolney on May 23, 2017, 09:10:19 PM »
Rob -

Thanks for the reply.

We think alike; have I had already removed the G64 with no change and tested with  a mm file, which works fine.

Not quite finished with the controller so no motion yet.

Just tried a hand coded rectangle and it was 6.25 times too large, which is not a multiple of conversion to mm (25.4).

Is G20 working fine for you?

CNC / Re: DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller
« Last post by PPRINT on May 23, 2017, 08:17:16 PM »
Not sure why your machine is acting weird.  I am going to spend some time reviewing the info you have supplied.  Hopefully something will stick out.

I see you have a G64 in there.  I have never thought to try that code on this control.  I am amazed at the codes that this machine will process that are not documented in the manual.  Maybe we should start compiling a list of usable codes.

Have you tried to run the code without the G64?

What does the machine motion look like when running the code?  Is it moving anywhere near the dimensions you have programmed?  Or more like the positions on the control in your picture?

Have you run any code in metric format to see if the problem is isolated to the G20?

Try a box shape with no radi also. 

Just throwing things out there to maybe shake something loose.



« Last post by sparky961 on May 23, 2017, 04:42:28 PM »
Oh, that's far too pretty to actually use. :P

If you add a central narrow slot to the bottom plate, you can also use that to hold very small parts and safely cut them on the bandsaw.  I use a much more "utilitarian looking" one for exactly this purpose.
CNC / Re: DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller
« Last post by aolney on May 23, 2017, 03:24:16 PM »
Using DDCSV1.1 in inch mode?

I am in the middle of switching from Mach 3 to this device and am missing something about the inch programming mode.

I have used Fusion 360 and Jay's post processor to generate the code below with a G20 for inch mode. it is the outside contour of a rectangle.
The DDCSV1.1 display is not matching up with the program coordinates.

I have attached my setup vars for ref. ( Thanks to Benedikt for the configuration utility and firmware!)

Andy Olney

Here is a photo:

(Program: outside)
(Toolpath: 2D Contour2)
(Units: inches)
(Tool: bullnose end mill, D=0.250 CR=0.015)
(Workpiece:   -1.293 <= X <= 1.293 | -0.789 <= Y <= 0.789 | -0.290 <= Z <= 0.000)
(Tool travel: -1.378 <= X <= 1.378 | -0.949 <= Y <= 0.874 | -0.040 <= Z <= 0.600)
(Safe Z: 15.240)
G64 P0.001
G00 Z15.240
S 1000
(--- 2D Contour2 ---)
S 1000
G00 X1.278 Y-0.949 Z0.600
G00 X1.278 Y-0.949 Z0.200
G01 X1.278 Y-0.949 Z0.039 F60
G01 X1.278 Y-0.949 Z-0.015 F30
G01 X1.278 Y-0.946 Z-0.028
G01 X1.278 Y-0.936 Z-0.037
G01 X1.278 Y-0.924 Z-0.040
G01 X1.278 Y-0.899 Z-0.040 F60
G03 X1.253 Y-0.874 Z-0.040 I-0.025 J0.000
G01 X-1.253 Y-0.874 Z-0.040
G02 X-1.378 Y-0.749 Z-0.040 I0.000 J0.125
G01 X-1.378 Y0.749 Z-0.040
G02 X-1.253 Y0.874 Z-0.040 I0.125 J0.000
G01 X1.253 Y0.874 Z-0.040
G02 X1.378 Y0.749 Z-0.040 I0.000 J-0.125
G01 X1.378 Y-0.749 Z-0.040
G02 X1.253 Y-0.874 Z-0.040 I-0.125 J0.000
G03 X1.228 Y-0.899 Z-0.040 I0.000 J-0.025
G01 X1.228 Y-0.924 Z-0.040
G01 X1.228 Y-0.936 Z-0.037
G01 X1.228 Y-0.946 Z-0.028
G01 X1.228 Y-0.949 Z-0.015
G00 X1.228 Y-0.949 Z0.600
G00 Z15.240
Project Logs / Re: Stuart S50 stationary engine.
« Last post by tom osselton on May 23, 2017, 03:04:47 PM »
Nicely done!
Project Logs / Trike
« Last post by mexican jon on May 23, 2017, 01:55:45 PM »
As I now find myself with lots of free time I thought I'd better put it to good use  :scratch: So I finally dragged the trike build into the workshop  :headbang: Just mocking the front end up ready to make a new steering stem, wheel spindle and associated parts.
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