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7x12 clarke cl300m lathe - changing tool post making milling machine!
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sieg have a new mini mill (super X2)in their catalogue
brushless motor and belt drive as standard

oh no I'm getting tool envy
I've tried milling on my industrial lathe, it's a nice and sold one...!!

I clamped the work directly to the topslide and although it worked well enough I found it to be nowhere as rigid as my mill/drill. There are just too many parts to chatter about. BTW on this lathe the crosslide clamps directly to the bed so no movement there like on most other lathes.

I don't think I'd ever be tempted to try milling on my 7x12, but then I'm fortunate enough not to need too. But I understand why you might, I was there myself not so long ago.
Bernd the mini mill is up to 226.09 with 22 hours to go  :bugeye:
it's almost to dear for me now for a two year old mill that might have unknown problems.
plus I checked my milling machine piggy bank and can almost afford a x3  :ddb:|65%3A10|39%3A1|240%3A1318
so guys competition time (there is no prize ::) )
guess the final price 

I would guesstimate about 330 squid but it could go a lot higher. The machining season is upon us and it just depends how many idiots are knocking about.

Would it be worth saving your pennies a little longer and go for the updated X3?
I haven't really looked at what the main differences are, but it might be worth checking out, just to see if it justifies the longer wait.
It is a real major purchase that will last you for many years, and if you decide you really wanted the later machine, you could be kicking yourself for a long time. I was going for the Chester 626, then a windfall came my way, and I got the 836. Looking at it now, if I had gone for the 626, I would now be regretting it, and saving up again to get the one I have ended up with.

If the extras don't justify the higher price, then you can still go back to your original choice.


I will be going with an X3 I was just tempted by the X2 as it was close but I have seen the light  :med:

When you say upgraded X3 are you referring to the super X3 ?
there lies my next problem as it is the super X3 I fancy but axminster don't list a R8 machine
and arc euro don't have the super model.

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