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Christmas gifts for my grandson
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Wonderful work!  :clap:

You`ve got me inspired..... I`m going to be a Grandad for the first time, in January.....  :ddb: :ddb:

David D
Ralph, the pop-gun pics were taken before I installed the tether cord.  I was still thinking about how to install it.  I had to think about it a while before coming up with a solution.  I punctured the cork with an icepick, glued the end of a length of nylon cord inside the end of a piece of small brass tubing, placed the other end onto the icepick tip and pushed it back through the cork.  A big ol' granny knot on the end kept it from pulling back through.

Congratulations David, being a grandad is a wonderful thing!  Young Cade is 3 1/2 yrs. old now and finally showing signs of having the "build stuff" gene.  His Dad is a sports/football fan and hasn't done much in the "work with your hands" area.  When he gets a bit older, I'll dust off some of my r/c model airplane stuff and get him some quality stick time.

Really nice gifts there. How does the gun work?!

That's what I loved about going to my grandad's house when I was little. I was allowed to get my hands dirty - I remember playing in the garage with grindstones, vices and whatever else I could get my hands on, in the greenhouse with an axe and collecting coal from the bunker - health and safety just wouldn't allow it these days, I think my mum went spare even back then!

I'm looking at a present he made me now. For some reason I really wanted a brass paperweight - I asked for a lump of brass, I remember I kept ringing him and asking if he'd finished but instead of a lump of brass he me this lighthouse and mounted it on a piece of rock:

My point is that these are the sorts of presents that are really thoughtful and appreciated and will stay in the family for generations to come, so good on you, I hope I can make similar things for my children and one day maybe grandchildren!

Congratulations David!


Thanks for your congratulations Chaps.

Not here, yet....... BUT, I now know the baby`s a boy.........  :thumbup:  :ddb:

David D

--- Quote from: Stilldrillin on January 05, 2010, 04:02:24 AM ---Thanks for your congratulations Chaps.

Not here, yet....... BUT, I now know the baby`s a boy.........  :thumbup:  :ddb:

David D

--- End quote ---

Well....... That was a bit of a shock to all concerned.......  :bugeye:

From 7.00 this morning, I`m now a very confused Grandad, to a little girl called Mia........  :scratch:

They really don`t know it all...... Do they!  ::)

Guess I can scrap the traction engine plans, and start on a dolls house!  :thumbup:

David D

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