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Metalwork for Craftsmen
« on: May 13, 2008, 06:54:32 AM »
Metalwork for Craftsmen
by:Emil F Kornquist
Copyrightę1972 Dover reprint trade paperback
originalę1942 as Art Metalwork McGraw Hill

All the old farts on this forum, will remember this style of school shop text book. Line drawings in a fine style, processes and tools explained. Then the projects along with the process steps need to complete them. From raising, etching, chasing,repousee,soldering, and shaping and forming of sheet,bar and round stock. Sheet tin,copper,brass steel. What today are the retro stuff that is coming back in style:

    * Ash trays
    * Candlesticks
    * Napkin clips
    * Beakers
    * Pitchers
    * Trays
    * Bowls
    * Ladles
    * Bud and flower holders and vases

The project list goes on for 55 projects. As this was designed for adult education. For people in leisure time hobby type pursuits. Its cover the basics to get started with the easier project and progresses with the skill level acquired.
When it was updated the supplier list was removed (outdated) and the book list also. A number of B&W pictures of the projects were added.
As Mr Kronquist stated in his preface"five hundred work sketches have been used to describe the procedures. The reading matter has been reduced to the minimum and includes only such information as is pertinent to the immediate work at hand."
If you are looking for in depth coverage of subjects, this isn't for you. If you are looking for useful and a retro fun read and simple projects that can be detailed with your style then this is a book for you.
Another at a library near you or possibly on line
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