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Making Crucibles
« on: May 12, 2008, 07:15:33 AM »
Making Crucibles
by Vince Gingery
David J Publishing
Tradepaper back
For casting metal you have to start some place and with a crucible is as good as the pattern or mold of what you want to cast.
This author as his father before him in the hobby shop field. Is anther of the love or hate with a passion people.
In this 60 page booklet he covers thoughts on making a clay crucible, the form for it the tongs and the mold along with casting and prepping it. Finishing up with safety rules.

Filled with B&W pictures of the step by step of the various items described. Along with clear draftsman type drawings.
If you are inclined to really do it all your self than this is a must have.

I haven't tried anything in the book yet, but it contains information and the acceptable shop type practices.

you can check your local library, but it probably isn't there

It is carried by the usual sources listed before.
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