Author Topic: Welder cart, pipe rollers, cylinder cradles and Flagstang  (Read 1824 times)

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Welder cart, pipe rollers, cylinder cradles and Flagstang
« on: September 29, 2014, 01:31:20 AM »
Multiple projects going.

1) Cylinder cradle for transporting welding/cutting bottles. 
2) Welder cart from shopping cart 
3) Pipe rollers for welding pipe :dremel:
4) New flagstang for Dannebrog Danish Flag   

A year ago I removed 20 some odd satellite dishes with tripods and mounting stuffs. Had it long enough its either use it, give it away or toss it. 

I had intended to make the gas cylinder cradles years ago but I ran into issues acquiring a cylinder, that I wanted to cut up. Also did not have anything suitable for feet/mounting options.

The tank was a 100lb R12 freon cylinder that had a leaky valve, glad I didnt buy that and the guy that dumped it on me didnt care much.

Now I filled it with water before cutting into it, just be on the safe side.  So below is what they look like now, the cradles are made up entirely of junk/scrap satellite dish parts, I just arranged them in the fashion that they will work and keep my cylinders from rolling around in the truck, to and from the welding shop. they are on a slight angle just enough to load and unload them with some ease. I intend to use lashing straps to keep the cylinders from shifting. Harborfreight sells those for like $3.99/pair

dumb datestamp i took these 9/25/2014

one is bigger than the other to work with 2 different cylinder sizes.

Shopping cart into a welder cart.  I recently invested in a multi-process welder from Victor Technologies, mig, tig and stick its a sweet machine but it needed a lower CoG cart to be mounted on, nice carts are $155 and are too big to fit in my limited garage space.   
Allowable space for cart, max W,L,H. 17" x 36" x 36"

Removed the basket and rear wheels, tossed those wheels in the trash but a quick look at the store brought me home to retrieve those since buying them cost extra $, I was thinking about using them for something else later anyways.  Ill blame that forgetfulness on the heat.

On to the cart, I cut the bottom rack off and the supports and used a ratchet strap to squeeze it to the 17" width I needed, the slight taper is helpful, Ill show its storage location later, it sits under 2 first aid cabinets and between a wash basin and work bench.  Later after I got fresh oxy-act fuel I relieved the stress from forcing the lower legs into position. 

I got it together and sectioned the handle for width and height as it must fit under the edge of my work bench, it looks like a drunk did the welding. Believe it or not I had the wrong drive roller in the new welder, only an idiot has to read the operating instructions :palm: right? That's what I thought.  This has been on going for about 2weeks, I only get 1.5 days to work on it and when Ive gone brain dead for ideas I stop. I couldnt work on it much last night because of the lightning storm, and getting stuck on the highway during the worst rainstorm ever, my wipers stopped moving it was a long wet day.

I spent today working on a top shelf for the cart, several hours were wasted trying different things for a top. At first it was gonna be a door panel from a pick up truck that I had cut and bent but it was to ugly and flexible.  Also noticed I can not control it with those 2 hard casters up front, they have to made from rubber not hard plastic, so those are coming off :bang: sad because I got a full pen weld on those, its gonna be a bugger getting them off.

More pics will be added to my photobucket in an attempt to save bandwidth here.