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American Antique Weather Vanes
« on: May 13, 2008, 06:57:07 AM »
American Antique Weather Vanes
(The complete Illustrated Westrvelt Catalog of 1883)
AB & WT Westervelt
Dover reprint trade paperback
part of the Dover Pictorial Archive series
copyright 1982
great resource for info and copyright free designs

What can be said about these books put out by Dover. Being in the signage industry before computers. Some of my early work can still be seen in caves Copyright free material along with ideas for what people had seen somewhere and wanted. Along with not being an able or fast pencil artist. These books were a great time savers, As was a copy machine, and transparencies along with projectors.
They still have their place for ideas on the look of the old school stuff that is popular today.

Along with the fact that with the Dover series for graphic and craft applications You can use them for up to ten limited editions with out any permissions from Dover.
I will cover some other ones that can be of value for the metal artist.
I couldn't say it better than the back cover blurb.

These Dover copyright free design books tend to be at your local library as they are very popular with the crafter's
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