Author Topic: Another mod to the Harbor Freight live trap for skunks!  (Read 3457 times)

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Another mod to the Harbor Freight live trap for skunks!
« on: September 07, 2014, 07:05:30 AM »,7288.msg78038.html#msg78038 Is the original thread and since it is from 2012.

After the posting of some of the critters that I caught in the last thread. Skunks started showing up in the yard. One morning there was a juvenile in the trap, could tell by how small they were. Well after some research I slowly approached the cage and removed the pin bar holding the door closed. it dropped and they wandered off.

Well haven't had a critter problem till this late summer. A couple of possums showed up and another pair of large raccoons and a juvenile. One evening they went after one of the neighborhood cats that happened to be in the backyard at the time and not bothering them.

So I figured I would do the mods that I figured out after the last time. I don't know how many times one can get away with slowly approaching the cage and pulling the bar.

And some of the people on the net that claim they never have been sprayed in trapping skunks, I think are full of it.  What I came up with is a large loop on the door pin bar. Like with most things on the net There doesn't seem to be anything but a wide spread of how far they can spray, the warning signs, how they do it, and how accurate they are. It appears the most widely accepted answer is, it depends. From 6' to 25' or more 2meters to7.5meters. Which way the wind is blowing, how many times they have used the spray in the last couple of days and a list to long to type out. Some claim that they spray from 4/6 or 8/10 times.
That is why I took the extension pole and loop pin.

3/16"dia rod with a double loop and about an extra 1" on its length. In case the occupant gets lucky and pushes the loop out from the cage.

This is the replacement for the chain and pin clip, wire cable and a couple of crimps and 2 quick links I had in the parts bins. You will need a length as long or a little longer than the safety clip, chain and both snap hooks on the original.

Here is the old one. Leaving the handle out enough to get a pole in to move it also decreases the amount that is sticking out to keep the door closed.

I happen to have a 24' 3 section roller pole that I use as a roof rake pole there is another thread on my roof rake blade.

 This is the pole end in the loop.

This is after moving the bar to open the cage door. The hook up top is one of two that I use to keep the cage in one spot. as some of the critters will flip the cage over in their attempts to get out.

The only other thing I do is give all points that are supposed to move, a shot of spray lube. Check all the moving rods are bent and still work. This trap other than slight rusting has worked well for what it cost.

Read the mods I did to the door end so the rod will hold the door tight.
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