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Metal Craft Discovery Workshop
« on: May 13, 2008, 06:59:55 AM »
Now for something completely different, as they say.
Metal Craft Discovery Workshop
By: Linda & Opie O'Brien
Northern Light Books trade paperback
Copyrightę 2005
ISBN# 1-58180-646-9

Ya gotta love a guy who wears, a Jughead style beanie with pins on it(comic's character for you younguns) and blows a plastic party horn. For the authors picture in the book,or because they live on lake Erie.(old local joke as it caught fire along the shore one time) Or is it that I still have my similar hat from the 50's in the trunk.
Either way, first and for most he is a class whack job! And it shows in the book and the projects they showcase. Have you felt any pangs of guilt at the throwing out of all the sheet tin printed containers that are out there. The popcorn and cookie tins,candy, mint, and other printed steel with tin coatings,with printing on them rather than paper labels. They seem to be making a come back now more than ever. With the beer and energy drinks in the aluminum bottle/cans.

It is for the weekend crafter and is of the cold connection type, so it is good with the little kids that are jumpy around the arcs or torches. They cover the tools and materials. in a short section.

    * Basic metal techniques
    * Wild and whimsical clocks, purse,art doll
    * Artful adornment, pins,earrings,necklaces
    * Kitschy keepsakes, Art cards,artist trading cards,keepsake tin
    * Gallery,Resources and index

It is a mixed media also with plastic, paper, hardware cloth, Bits and bobs,this and thats of found objects. The old board game parts use was a neat idea. As they seem to be at every garage sale cheap. Giving a good showing of what you can do with just about anything you can put together. You also can adapt some ideas to welded work, for wall hangings and lower cost sale impulse items at the shows.
It will be in the craft section of store or library. I urge you to check it out if for nothing else than a smile.
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