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Gremlins again
« on: February 11, 2016, 05:53:09 PM »
Warning: Longish Thread! Many questions

So I needed some silver steel in Dublin. Found one supplier who had imperial stock. Drove over and asked for 4 lengths: 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, and 3/8. had checked already they had these in stock. Off he goes and comes back with 4 2 metre lengths of each! No 13" lengths then says I. Long story short; Bought the 3/8 for very good price.

So back to shop and cut off 4" to make the transfer punch that I needed.

Now its bad enough to have one workshop but luckily I also have a second place of work at the rugby club. This is where my trusty SIP bandsaw lives.

So fast forward 3 weeks and I need the bar to make some filing buttons.

Can I find it at home? NO

Is it in the club shed? Yes 3/8" bar. Great thinks I

Back home, Reduce to 6 mm. drill 4 mm part off a few buttons. Heat to red heat, quench and bring indooors.

File test: Soft

Wtf? Gets magnet, NOOOO! its 3/8 304 stainless so where is the Silver Steel?

Hunt the home shop (aka garage) no sign off a nearly 2M length of SS

Thinks: Must me up with the bandsaw! So off to club shed: No sign of it (Ok found the 3/8 304)

Couple of relaxers in club bar at tea time and back home.

Into garage and there right in front of my storage draws is the length of SS.

Effin gremlins now have two workshops to play with.

Now the real point of all this rambling is:

Colour Codes for metal stock

A long long time ago when I worked in Chadderton for Avros (ok HSA) I found a 14 page document of all the colour codes they used for their metal stock: Steel, Ally, Magnessium, Brass, Bronze etc. Just whish I could find it now!

Very useful when skip diving! And my God they had skips to die for!

In this day and age of EU regulation ( ISO, DIN etc) is there a standard colour code for metal stock?

Various research today shows that some manufacturers still use their own colour codes! What! This is like the 1900's when there was no standardisation for electric wires!

I would like to code my bits and bobs like wot Avros did.

What is the colour for silver steel (oh and btw; what is Silver Steel?)

I believe its made to BS 1407 and is aka EN 1.2210

Final Rant:

Why do I have to buy a copy of BS 1407 to read it?

Engineer and Chemist to the

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Re: Gremlins again
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2016, 06:22:03 PM » has a chart - nothing for silver steel (1.2210) though, and they may be proprietary colour codes... does though, and gives orange, same as Parker steel give for 316 stainless and EN8DM free-cutting...

Yet another set of completely different colours at

Yep, absolute pain in the bum and so 1900's having no standard colours (that I know of) - I pinch my daughter's redundant nail polishes, my stock of Invar is marked with a lovely metallic pink :)

Dave H. (the other one)
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Re: Gremlins again
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2016, 09:35:38 AM »

Final Rant:

Why do I have to buy a copy of BS 1407 to read it?

Answer - you don't.  As long as you don't need to print it, try joining a major library.  I am a long distance member of Manchester Library exactly so that I can check BS documents - I log in over the net and can access most current BS documents at the BSI portal.  Membership of the library was free, it lets me do much of what I used to have a BSI membership to do.

Exact level of access may vary between Library organisations, depending on the membership deal they have with BSI.

BTW - I'm also told that if you do wish to buy a copy - it's cheaper to buy the Irish Standard (which is typically the BS with a  different front sheet) - though I haven't verified that.

[EDIT - looks like Manchester Library have tightened up on membership - and removed the sign in page I used.  Back to square one.]
[EDIT again - they just changed the page address, I can still use the service]
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Re: Gremlins again
« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2016, 06:26:35 AM »
Every steel mfg. and supplier seems to have it's own color code, which they may or may not use. I gave up, bought a selection of electrical tape rolls and they are now hanging on garage.

Was thinkking to use german material group code for workshops, could not find the right color of tapes. Then it would be ideal. Since I use lamina tips.

Does the BS-standard stands for what it sounds like :lol: