Author Topic: Metal Corrugation Surface Embellishment and Element Formation for the Metalsmith  (Read 1751 times)

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Metal Corrugation Surface Embellishment and Element Formation for the Metalsmith.
by: Patricia McAleer
Out of the Blue Studio; trade paper back
Box 1163
San Clemente Ca 92672
A very interesting book on what amounts to surface decoration of the metal and incorporating it into the work you are doing. Covers every aspect form planing the corrugations. To the equipment you need to form them from hand making them with modified needle nose to fancy and not so fancy rolling mills.
How warm or slump glass, and enamel and other can be worked in to the piece.
Along with tools, materials, techniques for various types of corrugations. And there use in form folding, die forming, a short mention of repousee, waxes and casting.
Gallery of artists, projects and a very nice tip section with pictures of the examples along with descriptions called observations.
Terms and tables, resources
On the whole a enlightening book that can be applied to metal work in general. Whether it be jewelry or metal sculpture.

One word it has turned up on the lets gouge the reader list with an inflated price. You can contact the author, or one of the jewelry suppliers such as
Or any of the like suppliers, before getting beat on the price.
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