Author Topic: giving some junk a new life..  (Read 2080 times)

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giving some junk a new life..
« on: February 08, 2015, 09:17:30 PM »
  Firstly this was not an original idea of mine,, I  saw it on-line somewhere,, in fact i think it was ebay .. yeah, there is a bloke selling these..but i just waited for the inevitable day when out washing machine packed up.. But before calling a local guy who takes away any type of scrap metal,I ripped the inner drum from it.I did cut and puncture some extra holes in the bottom to help with air flow but i'm not sure if that was necessary... anyway,, i then just propped it up on a tripod of blocks over a large paving slab and the job was done...have a look..

unfortunately I let the pyromaniac in me play with this ,, hence the mess, but if you exercise a little restraint and keep feeding your garden waste ect into the drum in a sensible manner you avoid any scorch marks on your grass..I fed a 3 piece suite (5 seater) and a 2 seater settee through this minus all the foam, as i had no way of transporting it all to the dump,,and after sweeping up the mess was'nt too bad at all...
The heat that's generated in these is very intense so it would,nt take much to adapt it for melting aluminium for castings..the drums are made of stainless steel..