Author Topic: Chasing Ancient Metalworking Technique with Modern Applications  (Read 1962 times)

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Ancient Metalworking Technique with Modern Applications
second edition
by: Marcia Lewis
ISBN#0-9644262-1-x lay flat spiral binding
LarMar Productions
Long Beach Ca.90815 USA

Well it is stated as a text book on chasing, it is one of the few recent vintage out there that covers only chasing work. But and this is a large but, being less than 80 pages it is a collection of information. Along with about half given to other artists and samples of the type of work and metal or process they also use,should rightfully be called a gallery of their techniques. Cast metal,die forming,hydraulic press, hollow ware along with chapters on safety,the woman that stared Northwest pitch. As the secondary title indicates. The last 15 or so pages are given to charts,tables glossary ,suppliers, course listings and index.
The sections on actual chasing are good, but to short to call this a text book. Granted you will glean info from it. and if you can't find an older book on chasing/repousee. Or one of the many metal working books with sections on it.

It is another one of those books that are sold at a premium price by the used book sellers at shows and web. Don't fall for it, It can be found at sites that are jewelry and metal artist suppliers. And I think it will be re editioned as long as it sells every couple of years.

It does have a lot of B&W pictures, unfortunately there are some of the worst I have seen in a book lately way to DARK, not much contrast. And for pictures dealing metal decoration work not enough close ups. The drawings are clear and concise.

This is one that may require a hands on lookie lou before buying.IMO
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