Author Topic: yet another GRBL (panel) question  (Read 2389 times)

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yet another GRBL (panel) question
« on: March 10, 2015, 05:33:39 AM »
I feel totally useless for needing to ask this question, but Hey Ho, here goes anyway!

I'm using GRBL V9, and GRBLpanel.exe.  I have just installed limit-switches to my Mill and have been "practising" using the 'Home' button.  The limit switches are positioned at (well, very near) the extreme +ve positions for all axiis, so all movement from there must be negative, e.g. G1 X-50 Y-50 Z-10.

My problem is understanding Offsets:  after 'Home', I Jogged off to the position of my vise, then set G54 offset to that position, and saved as "offsets01.xml" in the same folder as my working code(s), expecting to be able to come back to that position at any time.

(BTW, the *.xml file looks like this:
    Z="-1.00" />
    Z="-11.00" />
  <G56 ....
etc. in a text-editor, so it's easy enough to insert / edit values )

Testing it seemed simple enough - do another Home, then call for offset G54.  But just how do you 'call' it?

As I thought I understood it, one can repeat a programmed shape at intervals along a bit of bar by 'calling' e.g. G54 myCode; G55 myCode; G56 myCode etc. but I can't get the blighter to move away from the Home position to ANY of the Offsets. 

Which has the effect that myCode operates at/around the limit-switches with many crunches against the end-of-travel when the code goes 'positive' e.g. G1 x19.0  Of course I discovered this the hard way!

As a temporary workaround, I've set-up "Special position 2" (G30) to be at the vise, and that works very well for what it was intended.

Help, please.

Geoff (he of the increasingly-addled brain)