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Welding Secrets 2nd edition
« on: May 13, 2008, 07:17:14 AM »
Welding Secrets 2nd edition
by: Hal Wilson
copyright 1990
Flyco Machine co.

This 60 pager should rightly be called a welding shop tip book, as more than half are dealing with other shop stuff. The other thing this I believe, was originally conceived and done in the 40's 50's or 60's
and reprinted in the 90's.
I know that most work as far as welds go on amusement rides should be done by a cert'ed welder like the flying coaster tracks, and a lot of the other secrets. Should remained for the history books as most of the charts and tables in the appendix are from the Lincoln company.
And shop work and welding have come far from these tips. Welding truck frames,shafts and everything else. Most are only a short paragraph. There are a lot of B&W pictures that also look and give the vintage feel. Like looking thru the family album at the old slightly darkened pictures from time.
Again for somebody right of the street,and having an interest in absorbing a lot of shop info, it may be a good buy. But for an old hand it isn't worth it. Probably a pass it by.
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