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Rigging and moving.
« on: July 28, 2015, 04:06:26 AM »
So i have been moving my machines out of a basement up short flight of stairs..  And been doing som experimentations in rigging and moving.

For tools i used lifting straps and timber webbing. The straps is 50mm wide 2ton straps that can be multipled by folding, they are sewn loops in different lengths.
For leverage i use a 4 ton wire block and a 750kg chain block. This worked well with the use of some hoist rings and shackles.. Acting as the locking mechanism for the timber straps.

I cant say this is an optimal method but i found it interesting that with cheap straps and wireblocks i could move out my 1200kg cold saw, and a 750kg lathe.
I think rigging and moving is an interesting subject, and most of the times we skimp on the security - seen some horrid solutions..
In the image here you see two timberstraps connected to each block through load straps. They are intern secured to a tree hugger, with shackles and hoistrings. The principle of the rings is like the locking mechanism on a rucksack. You pull through both and pull through one and get a working friction lock.
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