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Brass Hammer - Show 'n Tell
« on: September 13, 2015, 11:27:33 PM »
There's actually not much to tell, but this simple project came together nicely and turned out looking spectacular.  I look forward to many years of use, each time being reminded that I made this tool.

The head is 1.250" 360 Brass, cut to length and faced with very slightly convex faces.  A 0.625" slot was cut through the head to accept the handle.  After cutting the slot I roughed up the inside of the slot a bit with a rotary tool and burr, as well as tapering the slot a bit.

Carving of the handle began with some unknown hardwood I had lying around.  It had nice grain and seemed very strong; certainly good enough for a hammer handle.  I rough cut it to shape using the bandsaw, then worked it to the final shape using a draw knife, spokeshave, and belt sander.  Fitting the handle to the head is a bit of an art.  There are lots of videos on YouTube showing the process.  I opted for a somewhat loose fit to start, with a bandsaw cut down the long way to accept a wedge.  Everything got a good coat of epoxy when fitting up and driving the wedge in, and the remaining space was also filled.  I used tape underneath to prevent any dripping through.

Finally it was all finished off with some stain and clearcoat.  I didn't go crazy with the finish because I don't like slippery hammers.  The wood is sealed but still somewhat rough for grip.

Oh, and hey if I don't end up getting that granite flat (see my other recent post) at least it makes a great backdrop for taking pictures.  :doh:

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Re: Brass Hammer - Show 'n Tell
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2015, 02:32:09 AM »
Congrats, a very nice looking nut cracker  :Doh: er, brass hammer. Well done,  :clap: sometimes the simple things we do / make bring great pleasure. 
John B
Converting good metal into swarf sometimes ending up with something useful. ;-)