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Add-ons for CNC router
« on: January 09, 2016, 06:59:44 PM »
Not wanting to hijack Peters 3d printer thread and more than I had already, and beacuse someone asked.
Here are the three add on heads we use on our CNC router.
On the left is the stud welding head. This screws onto the spindle nose thread (which isn't the best way to do it). There is one of those crappy round rail linear bearings inside that the collet chuck slides up and down in. That bearing is inserted in a plastic bush that electrically isolates it from the spindle.

In the middle is a simple air powered caulking gun. It does an amazingly good job of dispensing perfect beads of sealant. You can see that this head clamps around a shoulder on the lower end of the spindle.

On the right is our TIG head, It's articulatable as a C axis, but we only did that whilst we were playing with a little argon diffuser that trailed behind the torch. We may yet use this head as a steered knife or something.