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The Complete Modern Blacksmith
« on: May 13, 2008, 07:27:32 AM »
The Complete Modern Blacksmith
by:Alexander G.Weygers
Ten Speed Press
copyrightę1997 trade paperback

Again, I am not a smith or learning to be one. So I am reviewing from a non working aspect.

First I have to say that it appears from the information in this book that it is a reprint of 3 separate books. This edition is divided into 3 sections. Each of the sections had a separate copyright date.
And the author also is no longer among the living, according to the blurb at the back.
So check to see if you have these other versions before running out and buying this one.

First off I am skeptical about a book that calls itself Complete about a subject. And runs only 290pages, also on a subject like smithing it can never be complete as the craft is evolving each time. Somebody lights a forge, and lifts a hammer.

The other statement that I dislike is "Teach yourself the lost art of Blacksmithing and tool design and repair". I didn't know that it had been lost at anytime in the recent past, maybe dwindling in the numbers of practicing smiths. And did we stop using tools and did I miss that memo. As the second part of the statement is a little self inflated.
But that's the case with a publishing house named 10 speed press and in Berkley Ca. And somebody other than the author holding the copyright. That all aside, it is an interesting read, with a lot of clear detailed drawings of the subject covered. Some too detailed as to the person in the drawing. You will not want for having a way to hold the tool or strike flip or bend metal. They are all in the drawings to go with the descriptions. A few bad pictures, as this being a number of books put together, and they no longer had the originals.

    * The making of tools
    * The modern blacksmith
    * The recycling,use and repair of tools

I don't believe this is a book for the stone cold newbe. If you have some knowledge you will find it extremely use full for the step by steps on making punches,and other tooling, along with a chapter on the power hammer's. Along with a number of other projects that are included.

Once you get by the first impression of it being a coffee table impress your friends book it does have some useful information.
Do check your library as this is one of the books they love covers a lot of subjects so they can buy the thrid copy of here today and gone tomorrow craft book
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