Author Topic: Tool changes, probing and TLO with the DDCSV1.1 - Seeking advice  (Read 107 times)

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Hi All,
Rather than adding yet more to the mega DDCSV1.1 thread I thought I would start a new, focused thread on this specific topic.

I converted a BF20 manual mill firstly with the original lead screws, later with ballscrews and all driven by an ever increasingly powerful set of steppers and power supplies. Currently I have a 48V DC supply which seems to be suitably powerful although I bought a 72VDC unit awaiting my courage to fit it...
Originally the control was through Win 2k then Win XP based PCs running Mach3 through two parallel ports.
THEN....I bought a DDCSV1.1 because I was sick of replacing the parallel boards and some of the other issues with Mach.

Works really well and I am really pleased with it but there is one area that is rather a closed book to me - and judging from the lack of info on the web I am not the only one...

Tool Changing and Probing
My toolchanges are manual and are operated generally on a ER11 chuck in my home built high speed spindle. I have introduced 3D printed collars to the tools and made some form of tool table  - although that seems to be a black art in itself...

Most of the time (!) the tool change is made and the new tool offset logged by the unit, but not always...and I am conscious that any ER11 chuck will add an error so I would like to be able to use the tool probe facility on the unit.

The manual might as well be in the original chinese for all the use it is on this subject - there are apparently two different modes to probing but this is not even mentioned.
There is a YouTube video and a written explanation by someone on mycncuk but I fail to understand the logic of his operations and it seems to be a controversial method anyway.

I want:
  • to measure several different tools and their offsets defined by their collars
  • to do a manual tool change followed by a probe to finalise the offset

I am happy to substitute different code as a subroutine in place of a standard M6 command. do you do this task - ideally both the logic as well as any examples or code snips....

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Tool changes, probing and TLO with the DDCSV1.1 - Seeking advice
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2018, 11:23:15 AM »
Welcome to the CNC world Simon and the DDCSV world in particular.

Others are more qualified to answer you but afaik Macros or Subroutines are not implemented (M98 and M99)


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Re: Tool changes, probing and TLO with the DDCSV1.1 - Seeking advice
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2018, 12:13:12 PM »
i too just posted just about the same thing.
i did kinda find a way but still work in progress i set as
mode2  fixed position  .
i set 0 random  on the table then hit probe the big issue is that the z will go down first to the probe height then y and x will fallow  my 000xyz is at the back of the table and i wanted the probe at one corner at front of table.. so if there's (example)aluminum at g54 g55 where ever on the table where i want my start point to be. the z will crash then go the the fixed spot and slowly move.( i think i said this right bare with me here) still new to the game