Author Topic: Firearms,Traps&Tools of the Mountain Men  (Read 1577 times)

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Firearms,Traps&Tools of the Mountain Men
« on: May 13, 2008, 07:30:47 AM »
Firearms,Traps&Tools of the Mountain Men
A guide in Pictures and text to the equipment of trappers and fur trades who opened the old west from 1820's to 1840's
By Carl P Russel
Alfred A Knopf inc hard cover
copyright 1967
LCCCN #66-10748

Along with the general history,of the mountain men, firearms,beaver traps and trapping. And the numbers of the fur that was brought in during this time frame. What might be of interest to members here is the following.

    * Knifes of the frontiersman
    * The ax on Americas frontiers
    * Miscellaneous Iron tools that went into the west
    * Irons in the fire
    * There are a number of appendix that would also be of interest,Astor's Inventory of tools and Blacksmithing equipment on the Columbia River 1812-1813
    * Marking on Axes and Tomahawks
    * And an very extensive Bibliography

What can you say about something,that was both amazing and inspiring. Back before the real truth about history came out on both sides. The mountain men and the support people, that went with them. Make for a truly interesting story when taken from the technical aspect. They couldn't order more iron or what ever by picking up the phone or heading down the road.
This book goes over the tools and things of the daily life with detail that some may find overly fine. But he does give great drawings, and the uses of the items. Along with how they were improved in the daily use.
The Ax and knifes each have a chapter, along with blacksmiths and some are listed from the government records of who,what and where they worked.
It also has a listing of the makers marks on the Axes and Tomahawks.
This book is probably worth its costs if to get the bibliography alone if you are into knifes,tomahawks,tools, etc of the frontier days. Then this would list what is out there with the footnotes. Prior to 1966, which is seldom down now a days in books.

This is probably located in a library near you as it has become the standard reference on the subject
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