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Hardwear, Jewelery from a toolbox
« on: May 13, 2008, 07:33:47 AM »
Hardwear, Jewelery from a toolbox
by: Hannah Rogge
STC Craft
Album style spiral bound

For the time when you forgot, the others important date that requires a present  ;D
This is an interesting and fun book, But I wouldn't pay the full retail price. It is on sale at remainder booksellers.

    * Washers
    * Rope
    * Metal connectors
    * Nuts
    * Vinyl, plastic & rubber

Are the materials used in the 24 projects in the book.

    * Washer earrings,to zipper pulls
    * Neon colored string and brackets and hinges for the hair holders
    * S-hook bracelets,to Q-link belts
    * Hex nut necklaces, to earrings
    * To tubing and o-ring bracelets and necklaces

Lots of full color high fashion type pictures, clear drawings of the tools, parts and making the items. The instructions are step by step ones covering no more than two or so pages.
This one is interesting from a form,use,and function angle. As when combined with the proper jewelery findings and some precious metals. It can become a stunning piece.
Some are more for the younger and hipper set,like the electrical tape wristbands.
What the book might do is give an appreciation of adding nontraditional materials to their sculpture work. Whether it be free standing, or a wall hanging.
In addition to the more traditional smithers pounding out small trinkets for sale and to fill the tables at shows with easy to make very interesting items.

The hair hinges are small hinges that hooked together and the decorated with the neon colored mason twine and attached to a French style pony tail barrette.
It's construction can easily be modified to brazed or welded instead of glued, and formed in a curve and the small forge spikes or nails used for the keepers instead of the barrette.
Or using a pre purchased chain necklace. Make small forged pendents or dangles to hang from it.
Or the jacket zipper pulls,key ring fob or purse dangle.

If nothing else they may make good gifts for next Christmas.

They do have the standard disclaimer about using the zinc coated materials in contact with the skin, clear coating etc. Bur there are so many more materials than just the zinc hardware, brass washers,nuts copper washers and nuts in the electrical, as well as the plumbing department.
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