Author Topic: When Realisation Sets In  (Read 1161 times)

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When Realisation Sets In
« on: November 02, 2016, 08:21:22 PM »
Ok guys here's the deal. Was having a "bad head day" yesterday, I have them from time to time,,,completely incapacitates me. While pondering the cosmos, I came to the realisation that I'm probably not ever going to be able to get the Kearney & Trecker mill running. I live on very limited income,n wont in forseeable future be able to pour enough concrete to set it on. I don't have heavy enough electrical service, or a converter to run it if I had enough service.I rescued this from china,,,ex high school machine, acording to shop instructor,,machine was in perfect working order.
I had the machine at a neighbors,n he needed for us to move it to a different location. The machine is outside, on wooden blocks, well covered in plastic sheeting,,,but really needs inside.Bottom line,,I need to find a real home for this machine,,,it hurts to realise that I just cant do it,, but machine deserves better than being let go to ruin. Mill is located in central WV,,,I'll post it in the for sale area in a few min. I dont have any way to get pics,,,but I'll give it a good try

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Re: When Realisation Sets In
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2016, 09:58:28 AM »
Sorry to hear you can't get it up and running.  I've had a few projects and equipment that I obtained in moments of extreme optimism that I have later had to give up on and know how you feel.

Perhaps you can find a photo or two online and post them with a note that it is similar?