Author Topic: Thinking of getting a CNC mill, tell me about the bridgeport series 1 interacts  (Read 9525 times)

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The H probably stands for Heidenhain, as some 412's came with Fanuc 'OM' controls
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Ok well I am in negotiation on a fair price for the 412. I am aiming for half my original budget, and if I manage that I'll then be asking for a delivery! Then  :beer:

I think I'll need 5 times that at least to get it where it needs to be and a fair bit of elbow grease. I'll need to fast track the build of my new "shed" and plan for a much higher ceiling height to get it in.However it has got to be a much better proposition in the longer term than paying silly money on a series 1 or 2 interact. It's only 2200Kg and it will only need to be moved twice and only once by me. The other when they carry my out of my home in a bag or on a stretcher!