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Audels Welders Guide
« on: May 13, 2008, 07:37:22 AM »
Audels Welders Guide
Question and answers
by: Frank D. Graham
Theo Audel & Co
This is another of the books that got me hooked on the subject of welding. It was written at a time when the field of welding was changing and improving rapidly. The advances are amazing when you compare the then to now.
It is a great look at the past and how far we have come. It does contain loads of info on gas welding that are still good today. Along with Drawings and B&W pictures it is set up in a Question and Answer format with an index of word linked questions so it is easy to use. I have dealt with some of the current Audels pocket trade info books in other reviews. They are a little different in layout and scope.
Forge and Fire welding was still considered part of the welding art, but was fast being replaced by electric welding in the field.
It has a brief description of each of the major welding areas at the time.

    * Forge & Fire welding
    * Resistance welding
    * Arc welding
    * Carbon arc welding
    * Metallic arc welding
    * Shielded arc welding
    * Atomic Hydrogen welding
    * Gas welding
    * Thermit welding
    * Fusion welding, as it was still up to discussion at this time which version of which society's definition would be used

Atomic Hydrogen Arc welding: In this method an alternating current arc is maintained between two tungsten electrodes,and at the same time, a stream of hydrogen gas is passed thru the arc and around the electrodes.
the atomic is referring to the change from an molecular state to an atomic state releasing a considerable amount of energy. I believe this was along the lines of a plasma type arc welding system that is no longer used since the advent of TIG.
As it had a monster of an hand piece but was considered extremely mobile at the time. Because of the fact that the arc is independent of the work so the work doesn't have to be grounded.
It has a complete chapter on eye protection and what happens and why you need it.
It is a good asset for the gas welding info, on sheet, SS, copper and other materials as gas welding was the most used system at the time after forge/fire welding due to costs of the equipment.
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