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Metal Techniques for Craftsmen
« on: May 11, 2008, 12:44:10 PM »
Metal Techniques for Craftsmen
 by Oppi Untracht
The current printing is an Robert Hale imprint
2005 printing date
copyright 1969,1975

What can I say about this mans books. The 3 main ones that come up all the time are
The Metal Techniques for Craftsmen : It has been reissued again the 10th reprint of THE standard reference work on Metal forming and decoration. I'm glad that it was as I was able to pick up a copy new for a more reasonable price than most go for used.
Some times I think he has a time machine as it covers metal work from the first cave person picking up a rock and beating a piece of native copper or silver for a bauble to the recent present. With a shift in what he calls western work techniques for the east and middle eastern sitting on the dirt floor holding the item with your feet style.

It is divide into the following parts:

    * Part One Metals: basic information
    * Part Two : Metal Decorative Techniques
    * A}Decorative Techniques employing contrasting metals
    * B}Metal techniques that require soldering
    * C}Combining metals with nonmetalic materials
    * Part Three: Methods of fabrication
    * Part Four:Metal Finishing
    * Part Five: Hand Tools and their uses
    * Part Six: Charts and tables
    * and finishing up with source of supply( you can see what the long operating ones are) Glossary of terms, Bibiography

I will not say that if you have this one and his other one you don't need any other. But you probably muddle thru most any problem you come up against.
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