Author Topic: Old tools, bought, aquired.  (Read 921 times)

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Old tools, bought, aquired.
« on: April 08, 2017, 03:48:56 AM »
General discussion, possibly open up a new forum .... I still have the very first micrometer I bought when I was an apprentice Fitter / Turner back in '64; iirc it cost me about a weeks wages...3 10s 6d (  3-52p ) it was one of the first models that had a dual scale, metric & imperial, made by Shardlow of Sheffield. It has resided in the back of my tool chest for years now & only saw the light of day when I recently had a sort out...& it still zero's up accurately... Has anyone else got tools from their early days?


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Re: Old tools, bought, aquired.
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I've still got a little axe which my father made in about 1941 or 42 which I used to dig out German incendiary bombs! Dad was a originally a sapper and defused them!
My son still has Dad's claw hammer that was made on the anvil. In the corner of my garage is a Swedish steel windy pick which was made into a prybar and is stamped with the initials of the Stella Coal Company which was later nationalised on 1st January 1947.
Better still is my late wife's MickeyMouse gas mask and her father's AFS tin hat and service respirator prior to him going to Burma with 31Squadron( and Vera Lynn- I think)

Somewhere are the two brushes for boots and buttons  and a whalebone bristle hair brush-all with my RAF service number from 1948.

Again, I'm still using my late wife's grandfather's Rabone  spirit level and Sharrat's diamond glass cutter- and he died in -----1938.
My wife's orthodontic kit - or most of it is dates to 1956- or earlier and my Machinery copy is 1941. All are in regular use!

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