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Pete is growing up
« on: April 04, 2017, 07:50:25 PM »
Well he is not really " growing up " he got a bit bigger. But his plumage is changing to the adult pattern. Other then that he is still an obnoxious little brat that walks into the kitchen, telling us that he wants fish. Or knocks on the bedroom door early in the morning when he wants some entertainment and generally T off the cat crew.
These two pics are pretty much one year apart. I think next year he will be a proper grown up. Well to look at anyway.
This one was a year ago. His feet are still yellow and his head is almost uniform brown.

This one is from today on his way out of the boat.
The feet are now dark grey and he is getting the Grey pelican mask and the beat is turning from grey to yellow.

A couple of his toes sort of grew back somewhat stunted after the frost bite he had when he turned up a year ago and I am happy about that. But he has Geisha feet as far as pelicans go these days.
Other then that he is doing pretty good and is sort of learning to fish but has to stay out of the shallow waters as more often then not he turns up with his beak covered in mud up to his eyes and an oyster cut on the soft part that needs taking care of as those guys dont have a lot of blood to loose. On the upside, he trusts us to patch him back up after his mishaps without to much complaining.


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