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Links for the pictures
« on: May 25, 2009, 01:11:20 PM »
Hi lads, I noticed you people like to see through pictures what we are all up to so I gathered up some photos. First my shop is only two years old in the making we moved to the farm back in 2006 the building was used for steaming crabs from the Chesapeake Bay, the old man I bought the property from was in his retirement a commercial fisherman before that he was a union iron worker. The building itself was built in the thirties. I have lots of room for expansion but like I said in the introduction I will move and grow the shop into the barn the only down side to it is I have to build my wife another barn on the front of the pasture areas.

My Atlas is a 6” or {12 ” here in the states} x 48”  bed length, she was built back in the 80ties not quite sure of the year, its got the quick change on it and Timken’s in the head, I got for my money a milling attachment two face plates, three jaw, four jaw, collets set with drawbar, lathe dogs and Jacobs MT2 chuck for the tailstock, I paid $1800 for the package { don’t know what that is in pounds anymore} which I thought was high but the ways were mirrored and her slack was extraordinarily tight so with such an important purchase I paid the man his wonger and was delighted with the quality. Note! I have in the past turned down a shaft 39 inches long and achieved 1.5 thou total run out  over length on this machine not bad in my book.

Although the Atlas doubles as a mill I have a bench top cnc mini mill XYZ 7” x 4”  x 11” also with the unit came a indexing head powered too by a stepper motor . I do not use machine much as I should its just limited on travel etc but I have adapted the milling head of the mill to be installed on the Atlas so I can grind and mill keyways etc by thus using the mandrel with the chuck on it as a dividing & indexing head it works sweet! I will probably break the unit down and install the steppers on a lathe to make it cnc, a project for the future. Will need help with that too.

Now you see the gem I am restoring, I initially was going to restore parts of this unit and sell them but she was in such bad shape and knowing the time its going to take to get her presentable, and time is worth more than money I decided to go full throttle and make her an addition to my family, I owned this model back in 1997 and regret the day I sold it, plus I figure I can set her up to do certain procedures and this will cut my retooling and set up time on the Atlas. I have a nice MT2 turret chuck which will be a nice addition to this lathe. I too like SBWHART learned on South Bend lathes that was left over from the war, I wont open the can of worms about the v-Way stuff! She is not finished yet as you can see but I will be posting the final pictures soon.

Ok there you have it, Here is the link for the pictures it takes you straight to the south bend lathe when you want to see the shop go into the album machine shop the click on THE MACHINE SHOP to see the pictures.
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Re: Links for the pictures
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Moved to the gallery...

Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Links for the pictures
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2009, 12:57:02 AM »
You've done a great restoration job there Tony  :thumbup: thanks for showing the pics.

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Re: Links for the pictures
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Very Nice!!!
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