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A lot of the discussion here and in other hobby pursuits tend to focus on progressively getting more space, bigger and better machines, and more and more tooling.

I'm interested in exploring the opposite.  If you were to make your shop smaller and smaller, and have the fewest amount of tools to do something useful, what would you keep?  What would you replace with something else?  How much space would you really need (as opposed to "want").  For many of us, myself included, this is probably a difficult way to think about it, but when you look back in history to the time when objects were simpler and easier to repair, the home handyman's arsenal was much smaller than it is today.  The most skilled of them still did some pretty amazing work.

I'm not so much interested in the question "why would you want to do this?", rather "if you wanted to" or "if you were forced to" downsize and simplify significantly, what would things look like when you were done?

hi well if I had a bigger workshop I wood just fill it up with crap lol as I only do small engines and the repair of D.T.I's their ant no point in me getting out big but if I had to make things fit in to a smaller workshop one of the first things to go wood be the wife I can all ways sleep on the sofer and youse the master bedroom  as storage 

I think I'd focus on storage, at least at first.
If everything you need has a place then you don't need anything that doesn't have a place.... So throw it away.

I have a one car garrage as a work shop + one bedroom inside for measuring stuff and for electronics and stuff that you can do inside.

I would not like downsize the stuff on the bedroom, although I could get ridd of some stuff bying better stuff and getting rid off some hobies (like fly fishing, woodworking, gardening) and recycling three book selfes filled wiith hobby books. I think not.

I pondered once buying some small, but better quality machines that would nicely fit into exsisting garage....but old industrial clunkers are that much cheaper that it actually (right now) here would be cheaper to build a big enough (for now) work shop ath othe end of the lot.

Or I could dowsize the projects I do...

Raw materia is hard to downsize.

I do have some excess stuff I should recycle and some machines/parts that I need to choose to sell/scrap/refurbish.

As said before storage space and storage system is important.


I started out in an attic bedroom with a Taig lathe and mill, plus a Minicraft drill and drill stand (UK Dremel of its time)    If I had to start again it would be 3D printer, Pocket NC and a Taig or Cowels lathe for turned work.  That, tooling and materials would all fit in a wardrobe these days....    :lol:  The wardrobe would soon be buldging as I could never get rid of my Magpie obsession.    Ooooh, shiny  :drool:


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