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Garden sprayer, Pivoting and retractable hose reel
« on: September 04, 2017, 05:19:41 PM »
I have made several drawings prior to the one that worked. Sadly I made it without taking photos of each step. The way things have been (in and out of the hospital myself and now one of my parents) I haven't built anything in quite some time. So I did my steps in an order that allowed me to plug away at it for about 2 weeks, it isn't hard and if time had been better it might have been a 7 hour build (cutting, grinding, drilling, fitting and making changes).  If my ADF hood hadn't ghosted me the welding portion would have been a breeze, so happy I kept my original flip hood for back up. Almost thru it out last month when I was cleaning.

Initially this was going to be built using steel angle iron and a wood post. I abandoned the idea based on complexity and time wasted. We have termites they enjoy wood very much, rust not so much of an issue its only surface rust. 

I have a floor sealant drum that I cleaned out and chopped the lid off of so i could flip it over and use it storage of other things when it wasn't converted to a sprayer rig.

This design is to be used in an ATV, or UTV with a bed.  It can be easily adapted for use in an pick up truck or van.

The pump is any size pump you deem necessary for your job, in my case it was a 60psi 2.2gpm on demand pump from northern tool. I got the Valley Industries Deluxe Spot Spray Gun 18in., 6 GPM, 150 PSI, Model# SG-5518-18 and it works well.  I was using a fan nozzle but I needed something that put down product faster without atomizing it so bad that half of it evaporated in the air and the other half hit the ground.

I bought a harbor-freight air hose automatic reel and plumbed in my fittings.  I also installed a T fitting with a quick disconnect and a shutoff valve for the chemicals so I could close off the line prior to blowing out the chemicals from the air hose.  I use a blue dye for marking where I have sprayed so I don't waste chemicals.

The receiver mount is a vise mount thing that Harbor freight sells for it was $27 OTD and it even came with maybe grade 5 bolts, washers and lock nuts and a locking hitch pin.

On the inlet side I used 3/4 PVC line, and a few fittings to make it work with the pump side, it is over complicated because I had to dig thru my parts bins to find what would work. The end got a coupler and was V notched on 2 sides then I used some panty hose for a pre-filter and some SS safety wire. The length of the suction pipe is dependant on the length you need for any container you find or have.  You could even use a 5 gallon bucket and mount the pump on that, for doing small areas or if you don't have anything else. I used a 5 gal bucket of clean water and sucked it up using this pump.

I intend to use this for herbicide and insecticide.

My costs:
On demand 2.2gpm pump $79
Sprayer gun/wand $19 150psi limit
Hose reel with 50ft of hose $59
Drum was free
Misc fittings $15 plus I reused some from other projects so maybe in total if I had to buy them all $30. Most are brass or copper, buy steel it is much cheaper.

Some left over scrap 2x4s free from a project
Section of clear reenforced tubing $1 per foot

A few things not mentioned in the drawing and I found this out while welding was, you have to place a spacer between both pipes and weld them with that spacer.  The plastic washer goes between the metal on metal parts, I am a minimalist and cheapskate I will not buy it if I can make it relatively easy.
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