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A little shop cleaning.

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Last weekends project.

Mike E.:
Nice garage you have there Doc.  :thumbup:

Nice .
I painted my floor in workshop and gamlrage but the drive gravel and cars have removed a fair bit of the surface paint , over the last 18 years. Just can't face moving all the gear out to re do .

Next time I'll try epoxy paint I think. Anyone got thoughts on the epoxy versions?

Course given our weather it takes days to dry.....


tom osselton:
Looking good I'm going the other route last year I had the exterior and roof done this year were doing the ceilings, insulating and putting osb plywood on the walls! There is a hell of a lot of shifting the same thing from one spot to another while clearing unwanted junk!

 My shop is fully insulated and heated in the winter. I went with sheetrock when I did mine. I did catch a lot of flack about not using osb board but sheetrock was a lot cheaper and it doesn't go all the way to the floor. When I had it built I had about a half block above the floor. I have not been disappointed with making that decision.  I do eventually want to put a wall dividing it in half once I get rid of the Eldorado that sits in the corner. That will give me a shop about 28'x20' room for more machinery ;) Anyway thanks for the comments guys!! 


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