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DIY Press update
« on: May 13, 2018, 05:01:42 AM »
So a while back I build an 8(ish) ton press that was powered by an air operated hydraulic long stroke ram.

This worked really well, except for two things:
1. it uses a lot of air. I didn't notice at work where we have a small screw compressor, but when I got it home, the little single pot, single phase, direct drive screamer of a compressor just couldn't keep on.

2. As with all things, I soon reliased that I wanted 15 tons..

I had a ram that I'd picked up at auction that looked to be at least 75mm bore, so I ordered some laser cut steel

oh and a little power pack, and fired up the welder...
After one false start where I completely forgot to notice which side the port on the ram came out of (You know its a proper stuff-up when you reach for the 9" angle grinder)
We got there.

Still some paint and fiddly bits to go, but this is mostly a plug for those cheap little power packs. Less than AUD500 landed, low/high pressure pump and a manual 3/5 way valve. We've got a few flavors of them around the shop and they do an adequate job for the money...

Anyone got a good way to roughly calibrate it that doesn't involve tearing the ram down?
I tried to use my little force to pressure gauge

But at 8000lb on that, the gauge on the pump had hardly moved. I suspect the chinese pump gauge is just not very accurate at low pressures. The gauge on my little gizmo is calibrated....