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Does anyone know a good place to read about motorhomes & conversions?

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S. Heslop:
As the title. I've just been looking about and finding nothing good. But I know it's a popular hobby so I assume people must discuss it somewhere.

Try this site Or this one  Mike

Pete W.:
Have a look at the YouTube channel of 'The Restoration Couple'.

S. Heslop:
That's fantastic! Gives me loads to read and watch. Also that restoration couple guy sounds exactly like my cousin. It's a little unsettling!

S. Heslop:
Shame that DIY motorhome site died while I was in the middle of reading it!

So I had the somewhat silly idea of living in a caravan or motorhome. I guess it's not too absurd an idea what with America's Tiny Home thing, or various traveller communities. And it seem's preferable to me than renting forever with noisy neighbours on every side, or getting stuck with a mortgage. My grandma's family were all Irish tinkers so maybe it's in my blood, heh...

I even went to look at them but they're all set up for family holidays more than actual homes. Got talking to one of the guys also looking at them. He said he used to build them for a living and confirmed my suspicions that alot of the furniture inside is part of the structure and can't easily be ripped out and remodelled.

Turns out though that the biggest challenge would be where to park it. There's alot of zoning laws and flat out anti-gypsy laws to prevent it legally, even if you own the land or have permission from the landowner. I've read about a few goofy loopholes such as convincing the authorities it's for security, or pretending you're building a house and living on the land for a couple years till the authorities notice. I even read about a couple that divided a bit of land under each other's names and kept moving the caravan back and forth over the boundry every 28 days. I suppose if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Boy I wish council housing was still real.


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