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Making a Buzz Coil and relays that don't seem to work.


Well I ordered some cheap relays and attempted to make a buzz coil but couldn't get them to work. So I figured what do I have to loose I opened one up to see. Seems the spring pressure on the contacts was to strong and the magnetic coil was to cheap to react fast enough for them to work. So I did a little tweaking and made the gap between the magnetic coil and contact carrier about half and bent down the normal open contact to get it out of the way and now they work like a charm. Here is a video of the process.

And here I am playing with one that I modified and made a small Jacobs Ladder LOL.

Fascinating George  :clap:

I'd love to know the science behind the spark 'climbing' - I'd have expected a spark to ionise the air and hence form an area where the spark is more likely to form.

 But I suppose that the ionised air is warmer / lighter than the surroundings and maybe floats upwards bringing the discharge with it  :scratch:

Here is a good youtube channel where you can laugh while you learn things. I like watching his channel.

Great stuff George! Could you show us the circuit diagram please?


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