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Hybrid Jewellers Bench
« on: May 23, 2020, 02:38:07 PM »
On my back burner list has been a portable Jewellers bench.  I made the bench top many years ago to use on the workshop bench, however time has not been kind for space  :lol:

The recent purchase of an Evolution stand for the mitre saw has seen the stand have a bandsaw table made for it, and now the jewellers bench.  By mounting it on this stand I can use the bench outside in fine weather or indoors during bad weather and winter time.  The base is cut from an old pallet, using the mitre saw to trench the two sides to take the middle spreader, this will take a bench pin at a later date.  I turned some aluminium buttons to drill and tap for holding the base down on the rails the saw stand has, you can buy these separate for your own applications.   The table is fastened on using dowels and glue, plenty of surface area for the Gorilla glue, plus a bead all round underneath.  As todays weather has been damp the bench was moved indoors, beer supplied by wife  :beer:

Finally, yours truly inspecting the end mills I just sharpened this afternoon on the Deckel clone grinder.   Wish I had had this done with the apron when I was assembling the insane ball nuts, I might have had a few more balls left over.  The bench is at a convenient height for me working, stable and with arms well supported fine work can be carried out with ease.  Other accessories can still be bolted onto the stand, such as lights or power tools, the only downside is when I need to use the other saws...

Maybe I need another stand  :doh:

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