Author Topic: The Art of Blacksmithing and The Art of Blacksmithing Revised Ed.  (Read 1845 times)

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The Art of Blacksmithing
by: Alex W. Bealer
copyright original 1969
Funk & Wagnell

Back in the day! Boy does this one bring back memories as when I went back to the high school to see some teachers after graduating, the welding teacher suggested this new book that had just been published on Blacksmithing. It was the above title.
At the time it was the only popular title out there, as it was just the start of the movement. Most anybody during that time and till the recent flood of books on the subject good and bad hit the shelfs.

He does cover the subject and tools, along with some coverage of the techniques. But like the drawings it leaves you wanting more.
Then again maybe that was the way it was written to do. As the contents lists the areas and subjects covered along with a chapter on weapons. With is worth the price in it self.
The drawings are cluttered with to much shading and fill, but that was the standard at the time.
I'm glad it was short lived. Other than that and the thin descriptions of some stuff. I did enjoy it
If you can find a old copy at a reasonable price add it to your shelf.

There are a number of editions by different companies. One of the latest is described below.
This one has been at your local library

By Alex W. Bealer.
Hardbound ISBN 0785803955

Covers every aspect of the centuries-old craft. Describes the equipment and techniques of the forge and smithing, outlines the steps in making tools, hardware, utensils, armor, and decorative items, and provides sources for supplies. 500 drawings. 438 pages. Published by Castle.

I haven't seen a revised edition in years so I can not speak to what they did to it.
Here is the page for the above edition @ Hamilton Books
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