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Modern Welding Practice and revised ed.
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:13:29 AM »
Modern Welding Practice
by: Althouse,Turnquist,Bowditch,Bowditch et all
Goodheart-Willcox Publishers
copyrightę1951,1958,1967,70,76,80,84 plus recent editions

Well what can one say about the book that started it all in welding in high school. The green version, back when the choice was no choice about what book to use as a text.
Its covered more than we wanted to know at the time. As all we cared about was making sparks and making cool stuff.
It has been up graded when the tech changes enough for welding to become necessary. There is a current newer edition out there now, than either one shown.
The latest versions have better B&W pictures and more of them, more drawings in two colors better to highlight the process they are describing.
This area of the bookdom is open to interpretation, as everybody seems to favor the one they learned on so to speak.
They all cover the welding field from soup to nuts. with charts and stuff that you might need or not.
The local library probably have a number of them on their shelfs.
You can check them out to see which style you like. Before ordering one as they aren't big sellers at your local book sellers.

If you are looking for a general cover it all books on welding and cutting.These are the ones
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